Barrel Packer
Color Code Wire, Right Off the Spool!
The NEW, IMPROVED Custom Codemaster Model 604 is more compact yet it delivers a superior end product in less time. Set-up time has been reduced too. Speeds range from 0-600 fpm with full, constant torque from 30-600 fpm. Full wave Rectification on SCR motor speed controls. Automatic "soft start" Rate Control Acceleration. Automatic current limiting drive protection. Takeup is independently powered and electrically adjustable with separate control dial for selected takeup tension. Adjustable when equipment is in operation.

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Standard Features
Digital Display: The digital readout indicates RPM of the striping head, FPM of wire and the ratio of the two, in stripes per foot (metric available).

Payoff: Electrically adjustable tension with separate control dial. Adjustable while machine is operation.

Wire Counter: Predetermined counter for automatic shut-off at a pre-selected footage, designed with By-Pass switch, measured in feet, (metric available).

Wire Sensor Switch: Automatically stops machine when end of wire, knots and/or other defects are detected. Adjusts easily for various wire sizes.

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